Princeton Junction Foodport

Year: 2018
Location: Princeton, NJ
Status: Academic

Located in Princeton Junction railway station, the proposed Foodport prototype takes advantage of the Transit Oriented Development plan that the Regional Planning Commission is putting forth and uses the undesirable residual space between the existing parking lot and the rail to construct a high-tech greenhouse system.
While the conventional food hub acts as a logistical channel, the Princeton Junction Foodport combines production and distribution of food with the rail station. Taking advantage of the high volume of commuters in Princeton Junction station, pending developments around the railway station, and increased interest in local food and agricultural technology, the Princeton Junction Foodport not only provides a food production and distributional node, but through its hybrid programming becomes a public and cultural node for the neighborhood. Tomatoes produced by the farms can either be picked up by 6000 daily commuters, residents of West Windsor, and distributed out through the adjacent food hub.