How the Field[s] Meet

The Forest Ring

filling the dots

Forest Ring is a station dedicated to the study of urban natural corridors and afforestation.

The positive impact of mature urban trees has brought attention to urban afforestation as a possible solution to weather climate change. However little data exist on whether patches of juvenile trees can mature into an urban forest. Urban afforestation is especially challenging due to fragmentation from the roads and other built environments. Lack of biodiversity due to fragmentation results in lower seed germination and contaminated soils are untenable for the growth of native trees.

Roads do fragment and destroy the natural habitation, however, over time plants have found ways to grow under the cracks of asphalt pavements. To build a successful mature urban forest, we not only need to understand how to construct a network of ecological corridors to germinate the seeds.

In the 20th century, most of the sciences around vegetation in asphalt surfaces has been on eradicating those species and preventing such growth. While better asphalt mixtures and road oil do prevent vegetation growth, cracks in asphalt are inevitable due to the weathering of asphalt and geological shifts. In recent studies, it was found that curbside cracks play an important role in offering habitat for plants in urban areas as it functions as a depository of seeds of urban habitations.

The geometry of the tower, a square inscribed in a circle, facilitates the intersection of public programming, scientific labs, and the field. Often open completely as polyvalent space, and fully enclosed for experimentation.

field condition

The airplane runways have fragmented the ecology of Floyd Bennett Field since it was built. The airbase has been decommissioned for over three decades, but the width of the runway and layers of asphalt poured on-site makes it difficult for the disparate zones to be connected.

[floyd bennett field 1931]
field intervention

The station is built in two parts, the irrigation ring and the nursery tower. To facilitate vegetation growth, and afforestation, carbon, nitrogen, ph, and humidity level needs to be monitored to germinate seeds across the fragmented paths.

[ecological apparatus]

field transformation

From the nexus of the station, vegetation grows on to create new natural corridors and create optimal conditions for the juvenile trees to grow into a mature forest.

[ecological corridor]