︎n house

Commission, built, 2022
team: ONE-AFTR

site: Jinbu, KR
Commercial Building Rennovation
Commission, 2021

site: Seoul, KR

︎(in) between(in) between soils is a framework for an ecosystem that uses loam clay earth from the site to build a planter that forms the soil for plants to grow while being connected to its adjacent plant life.

Competition/ Honorable Mention, 2021  
team: ONE-AFTR
site: Jardin de Metis, Quebec, Canada

︎n shop Commercial Building Rennovation 
Commission, 2021
team: ONE-AFTR 

site: Yongmoon, KR

︎How the Field[s] MeetExploration of architecture as an apparatus for scientific inquiry by subjecting architecture to be experimented on by the existing built
and natural environment.

M.arch thesis, 2020
advisor: Guy Nordenson site: Floyd Bennett Field, NY Princeton University
︎ Dubai World Expo Korean PavillionDesign proposal for the Dubai World Expo using E-waste as a platform to display 5G technology. Competition/Shortlisted, 2018
team: +Superspatial
site: Dubai 
client: Kotra
︎ Bamboo Tent in BaliA temporary pavilion employing techniques that leave construction materials completely reusable.
Built, 2014
team: +Ibuku
site: Bali
client: Green School 
︎ Der Januskopfa two-faced strategy for Rennweg Competition/2nd place, 2019
team: OPS!
site: Viennaclient: Europan Austria
︎ Jamaica Bay Tree Ring An afforestation Handbook.
Publication, 2020authors: + Guy Nordenson, Paul Lewis, Catherine Seavitt, Andrew Macmillan
site: Jamaica Bay, NY
Princeton University

︎ Talking Trees Investigate, Act, Display: exploring the fragility of human-arboreal relations through methodological experimentation
Exhibition, 2021
team: +Mattia Inselvini, Ryan Leifield, Sun Choi
site: Venice, Seoul Venice Biennale 2020

︎ Princeton Junction FoodportUse of undesirable residual land between the parking lot and the railway as the strategic site for a foodport that combines the function of productive greenhouse, logistical food hub,
and commercial space.

site: Princeton Junction, NJ

︎Looking About Looking about is an apparatus that reimagines the spatial interface among the built object, trees on Paseo Del Ebro, and humans by positioning the three in and around each other.

Competition/ Honorable Mention, 2021  
team: ONE-AFTR
site: Logrono,Spain

︎Squaring the CircleTransformation of an abandoned industrial site as logisticalapparatus for making and building assembly.

Competition/Shortlisted, 2019

team: OPS!

site: Rotterdam, NL

client: Europan NL
︎ The Light HearthUse of ready-made materials to bring warmth through light transmittance and heat containment. Competition, 2020
team: ONE-AFTR 
site: Toronto
client: Winterstation